‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – Margaret Hungergord, Molly Bawn [1878]

When people ask me why my domain is so darn long, I usually have two answers for them:

Margaret Hungerford (1596-1648)

a) Longer domain names tend not to be taken, because of their inherent unwieldiness. Due to their length, they’re hard to remember and longer to type.

b) This common turn of phrase is one that I have always believed in. When it comes to Beauty, Fashion, or Art – the merit of these properties is, I believe, truly subjective.

Despite this, these worlds are almost entirely ruled by big name brands, celebrity endorsements and big corporate media. 

jennifer-lawrence-elle-france__oPtWhen you ask people for the pinnacle in Beauty Fashion or Art – they’ll tell you that Vogue and Elle have the word on what’s in fashion.

They’ll tell you that ‘J-Law’ was wearing a Givenchy cocktail dress to the Oscars and that Beyonce’s Ivy Park brand is the hottest high-street brand right now.

Art for most people is either a framed painting in a gallery, that they’d never dream of visiting, or its Lady GaGa’s latest music video.Lady-Gaga-1

Beauty is a word that is less used for everyday occurrences and specifically reserved for those with the requisite bone structure/waistline/makeup brand.

My blog aims to challenge the definitions of Beauty, Fashion and Art in the 21st Century. It doesn’t matter that my domain name is longer than most people’s address or that I do half of my shopping in Primark – because I believe in my guiding principle.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’