In case you missed it – Summer’s over, which means Autumn is here!

The weeks and months can fly by so quickly. One minute you’re picking out your swimsuits, stressing over sunglasses and panicking over party suits – before you know it, you’re shivering in the sudden breezy Autumn weather wondering why you’re still wearing your denim cutoffs and crop top for a trip to the supermarket.

Well, here’s me giving you a clear, unambiguous warning:

Autumn IS here.

It is DEFINITELY too cold for cutoffs.

You NEED to go shopping.

Not that I need to give you guys any excuses to go shopping.

Still, just in case you’ve been seduced by the Indian Summer into thinking that it’s going to stay this temperate forever, here’s a few items you might consider getting hold of, before you’re caught out by Winter:

Ladies Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

glovesYour hands are the very first things to get battered by the changing seasons. Prepare for the worst and look your best with these stunning Cashmere Lined Gloves. If you object to the use of fur, then I’d highly recommend you get off your high-horse and just feel the luxury that those wonderful cows can grant your hands. 

Soft supple leather, a smooth cashmere lining and master craftsmanship combine to make a truly superior product. 

Barbour Wool Crieff Flat Cap

barbour-hatThe country look is timeless and effortlessly cool. By all means, refrain from wearing it out shopping, but for any long walks or trips outdoors this should be your first choice for Autumn headgear. Combine with a waterproof waxed jacket or Hunter Wellington boots and you can pass for the classiest of country girls.
100% wool with a polyamide lining, Barbour have been making these hats for decades – and they sell in their thousands for a reason.

Amelia Jane Black Fur Gilet

mongoliangilet_aqua-and-grey-tip-750x750Now this is a city-friendly option, if there ever was one. Made with 100% Lambswool these gorgeous gilets come in a huge variety of designs and colours. Perfect for getting cosy in the winter, or as a convenient outer layer for a trip into town – this gilet screams 90s Hip Hop chic and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

A two toned colour scheme lends this item a particularly striking appearance, pair with some slinky black jeans for the ultimate catwalk look.

CLEVA Shearling Collar Leather Jacket

leather-jacketEvery woman must have a leather jacket in their fashion repertoire. Music festivals, walks in the park, late night drinks – there’s not many occasions that a leather jacket won’t be suitable for. It’s a classic urban look that’s been a mainstay of women’s fashion for decades. Step into badass biker mode and add a touch of class with a fur lining.

Great styled with just a t-shirt and jeans, this is an all purpose piece of clothing that should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Jimmy Choo Black Leather Over-the-Knee Boots

bootsYou would be a fool to stray into the Autumn/Winter Season without a decent pair of boots and these ones go above and beyond that particular term. Floor-to-ceiling leather might not be suitable for every occasion, but when your time of need arrives, they’ll be ready and waiting for you blow everyone out of the water. 

Bears do their business in the wood and Jimmy Choo makes disgustingly expensive shoes that are always worth the money. A girl can always dream.