birthday girlGone is the age of hand-me-downs and bargain bins – today’s kids are smart, fashionable and knowledgeable. They don’t just know what looks good, they have the confidence to pull off the kind of outfits that even the hardiest of catwalk models would feel nervous about.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a kind of renaissance hitting the children’s fashion industry at the moment. For a while it was perfectly acceptable to have your child dressed in worn out holiday t-shirts, worn denim dungarees and bare feet – but those days are now firmly in the past.

With children growing up quicker than ever, kids have never been so enlightened when it comes to fashion. Recently a Mother was moved to tears when her 4 year old daughter refused the gift of a handmade ball gown. The bright blue dress, modelled after a similar costume worn by a Disney Princess, was denounced as being ‘so 2013’ with the criticism that ‘Nicki Minaj wouldn’t be seen dead in this shit’.

fashion kidIf you want to avoid public shame and embarrassment at your child’s next birthday party, then this blogger recommends that you invest in high quality fashion ware for your child. With most high-end fashion manufacturers providing child sized versions of their best-selling items, there’s no excuse not to have your kid dressed in the best togs around.

If you’re truly stuck for ideas of where to shop for your child, here are a few of the best places to find Children’s Fashion Items online:


ebayThe venerable online auction site is 20 years old this year and is still a great option for finding great deals on kid’s clothes. Thanks to the fleeting use of high-end children’s clothes, there’s a high turnover of these items on the internet. Just make sure that you have a good look at the items first and make sure the style isn’t too old, as your child may get suspicious and start searching the internet history for clues,


Oxfam_2013The same rules apply when approaching Oxfam’s ever changing roster of children’s clothes at their online store. You might have to spend a couple of hours sifting through the choice cuts of the hundreds of donations that they receive every year – but find the right item, and you can save yourself a fortune. Of course, it goes without saying that you must be extra careful when receiving any package with the Oxfam branding on, as children no longer accept the notion of ‘charity’, as it was formerly known.


kathryns logoOne of the more recent additions to the world of kids fashion, Kathryns doesn’t sell used goods, but the new merchandise you can buy from them is guaranteed to be of the highest calibre. Their selection of high-end clothes covers all seasons, with a range of fashion brands running the gamut from Hugo Boss to Absorba. They’ve got a wonderful selection of styles and trends that will please even the choosiest of toddlers.

Where ever you choose to buy your children’s clothes – next time you go online, consider my advice.

Children are smart. They know what’s in fashion and what should be burned.

Disappoint them and they will make you cry.