Don’t let the Winter months obliterate your skin!

Let’s be honest, we never look our best during Winter. Brisk, cold winds can sap the moisture from our faces. The lack of daylight hours can drain our pigment of it’s natural colour and the indulgences of the festive period can do it’s best to punish our pores with clogging impurities and grease.

Don’t let yourself go over the Winter period.

Keeping up and augmenting your daily skincare routine can help you keep your glow throughout the dark months.

So that you can shine throughout the long nights.

There’s no excuse to let your Beauty practices slide because you’re not going out as much! 

I know this can be a tough time for us girls, so I’ve collected five of my best tips for surviving the Winter months whilst staying utterly fabulous throughout. Keep these in mind and you’ll be waltzing into Summer with a glow!

Keep Away From Indulging Your S.A.D.

During the Winter months, unless we work outside or have a worrying tanning bed habit, we get horribly deprived of the Sun. From October to early March, in fact, the UK does not receive enough UVB radiation for our bodies to produce it’s own supply of Vitamin D. A lack of sunlight, most importantly, leads to us developing a nasty case of S.A.D.

Don’t succumb to your cravings and feed the sad, mopey beast inside you. Top up your body with extra vitamin supplements, eat plenty of fruit and power juice your way through veg to stay on top of your emotions! 

Invest In Asian Beauty Regiments

The Asian Beauty market has never been bigger than it has been today – Korean skincare particular has seen a huge boost in popularity leading to the meteoric rise of a number of new brands and products that will save your skin this winter. Check out the 10 step K-Beauty Routine here and start your road to radiant skin today. During last year’s Asian beauty explosion, literally hundreds of online sellers popped up across the internet selling top K-Beauty brands.

Although it can be easy to get lost amongst all the different products and brands, I found that by sticking with My Scheming I was able to build a complete skincare routine much easier. 

Never Stop Exercising

It might seem counter-intuitive to protecting your skin in the long-term, but it’s super important that you keep up with your exercise plans throughout the winter months. Stepping outside of your lovely warm house in the midst of a dark, cold night may not feel like the right thing to do, but you will look and feel ten times better if you can make it outside for 3-4 hours of exercise a week.

A speedy half hour jog outside can get your pores open and ready for a scrub back home. If you can’t quite face spending the time outside, then head to the gym and enter yourself into a High Intensity spin class – no one said looking gorgeous was easy! 

Drink Water – NOT Coffee

Lastly, hydration can never be underestimated when it comes to looking after your skin during the Winter months. Starbucks may well be tempting you inside to grab their latest sugar filled creation but you must, must, must resist. Winter is a time for recuperation and healing – so stay well clear of the calorie emporiums and reach out for a bottle of water instead.

Water is the number one pick for keeping your skin healthy and glowing throughout the Winter. Keep a bottle constantly topped up by your side and you can guarantee that your skin will thank you later.