The streets of England are filled with budding fashionistas and hidden catwalk wonders.

high streetEach town and city in our fair country is home to its own unique style and trend. Despite the influence of international fashion trends, us Brits are staunchly loyal to our favourite brands and looks – regardless of their cultural associations.

Even though year-on-year high street sales are diminishing, as a result of the growing trend in online shopping, we’re still finding time to get down to the shops to support our favourite outlets. Shops such as Sports Direct and Primark make a killing selling their mid-quality products at a low price.

In fact, when you factor our average parking prices, going to shop in these outlets is much more affordable and less time consuming than purchasing similar quality products online. But can you craft a decent look by only shopping from these cut-price shops?

You can probably guess my answer to that question, its a big emphatic:

¬†Forget what the magazines and media outlets are saying: power in Fashion can’t be measured by price tags and brands. In fact it can’t be measured at all – power in fashion is derived from bold choices and winning confidence.

Remember, the only person that you need to impress is yourself.

Take the pieces of clothing that make you feel good, throw them together with something that might not work by itself and suddenly you can transform individually cheap items into an outfit that can really turn heads and make you shine they way that you were always meant to.

Here are some great examples of unique fashion outfits, these looks were completely designed and put together by the models who are simply men and women from the streets of Britain:

shakirasPic Andrew Teebay. Story Susan Lee. 'Street Style' in the Cavern Walks & Mathew Street..... Terry Roberts aged 29,from Toxteth.........indie girlPicture by Jason Roberts....... Street Style..... Issac Liam (24) student from Malaysia.rajni-jacques-snowweirdoasian


Woman in a cap and varsity jacket at Paris Fashion Week