Have you ever had the feeling like your life is slowly but surely unravelling?

One thing breaks, then another and then another – until suddenly it feels like your whole life is in absolute disarray.

If you’re a busy Mother, or simply a hard-working gal with a full-time job to keep up, then you’ll know that it can be an utter nightmare keeping your house in good repair whilst juggling a million other things.

We’ve all got our priorities, our long-term goals and our short-term goals. In order to keep making progress in your life, it’s imperative that you stay adaptable to the changing circumstances so that you can deal with any challenges that might arise and threaten to thwart you.

All it takes is one thing. A dishwasher fault. A broken fan oven. A flat tire. These little setbacks can transform your day, week, even your month, from a well oiled productive process, to a complete mess and waste of time. Time is, after all, what we’re trying to save here. We’re born on this planet with only a limited amount of time, so we need to make sure that we are at peak efficiency as much as physically possible.

The important thing is to stay mindful constantly, it’s crucial that you keep your eyes on the prize and maintain constant forward momentum. The next time you’re hit with a setback, whether minor or major, consider these ideas before letting your good habits fall to the wayside and wasting your time:

Divide and conquer.

When you’re first hit by a debilitating setback, whether it’s health related, a disappointing result at work or simply a breakdown in your car, you’ll initially feel like you have a mountain to climb. Your path to progress has been halted, for every moment that you waste trying to clear the path, the less time you have to get on with the job at hand. Instead of approaching the work ahead as one big mass, divide up your tasks.

By splitting up your workload you can help organise the tasks in your mind. It’s super important that you prioritise what jobs are most important to you, so that you can attack the work with the fervour needed to get the job done as quickly as possible

Stay focused on your task.

Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by anything. This means any form of screen, regardless how much it is crying out for your attention. Unless there’s a specific bit of work that you need to get sorted, then it’s best to keep things like television, mobile phones and laptops well away from your potentially idle hands.

Stay on target and get the job done.

You’ve fought off the tempting distractions of your mobile phone. You’ve successfully kept the television off all day. Don’t be tempted to call it a day and kick back and relax. You can always work harder, you can always do better, never stop striving to achieve more, each and every day.

Remain mindful of what you have.

Only you have the key to your destiny. No one else is going to do the work for you. You must strike when you can and show the world who and what you are.

You are the best.